Methods Of Hair Extensions - Which Should You Learn?

Our love affair with hair extensions continues.....long, thick, beautiful hair is not going out of fashion anytime soon! But if you are looking to start a career as a hair extension technician, or you are already qualified but want to add some more methods to your portfolio, which methods should you be choosing?

Take a look at our guide to decide which methods are right for you to offer your clients.


This method has grown and grown in popularity in recent years. Similar to micro ring hair extensions, but fitted with a much smaller nano ring bead for a discreet fitting.

This is a no heat, no glue, no sewing method, but does require regular rotational maintenance appointments to ensure you get the best from this method


These extensions are attached to your hair using little keratin u tip/nail tip shape bonds at the tip of the extension. The bond is heated, and then rolled into a rice shaped tip to form a secure bond.

A highly versatile method, as your client can wear their hair in pretty much any style they wish without the bonds being visible....providing the fitting has been done to a high standard with correct placement of the bonds.



Sewn in hair extensions are better designed for coarse, curly or thick hair as the extensions can be quite heavy. These extensions are applied by being sewn into a track of pre-applied micro rings. All weft methods are great for achieving thickness and volume, but they are less versatile than strand by strand methods when it comes to what styles you can wear the hair in.


Tape extensions are fast becoming one of THE most popular methods, and for good reason. They are fast to fit (around 1 hour for a full head) and maintenance is easy.

Tape extensions are applied by your own hair sandwiched between two pieces of tape extensions, which are then pressed firmly together to create a secure 'bond'


 This weft method is a lot faster to fit than the sew in weft option, but both methods remain popular. Each weft is secured using micro ring beads, spaced evenly along the length of the weft, clamping them down to hold the weft in position. Like the sew in weft method, clients have less options when it comes to styling their hair, but it adds lovely volume and thickness.

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